Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of Maple Leaf Children’s Center, Inc. The Board consists of up to eight members. 

In the fall all families will receive a list of current Board Members. The by-laws call for parents to maintain active participation on all levels of the functioning of the Center, and Board Members will call on parents several times during the year to solicit their help and suggestions.

Board members

Board member roles of Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected for two-year cycles. Votes will be cast again in January. The current board members are:

  • Anya Gendal, Chair
  • Libby Sax, Treasurer
  • Spencer Fairbairn, Secretary 
  • Nicholas Cook, Member
  • Tawnya Grant, Member 
  • Position Open, Member
  • Position Open, Member
  • Position Open, Community Member
NOTE: Are you a current parent or caregiver of a child at Maple Leaf Children’s Center and interested in joining the Board? Or, are you a local community member looking to become a community representative on our board? Please contact us to find out more informat