Fee Structure, Schedule & Hours

School hours

Monday–Friday: 7:30 am–3:30 pm
After school program
Monday- Friday: 3:30-4:30

Little Leaves (6 weeks to 3 yrs)


The toddler program cost $60 a day (7:30-3:30)

Enrollment conditions

The toddler program offers flexible enrollment. 

Children can attend the toddler program for two to five days a week. 

This classroom offers a great introduction to preschool and children go on to a guaranteed spot in our pre-K program the following year.

The waitlist is prioritized in the following way:

  1. siblings
  2. 5 day enrollment, then 4, etc.

School hours: 7:30 am–3:30 pm



Movers and Makers (3 to 5 yrs)


The Prek Program Cost $65 a day. (7:30-3:30) 

Enrollment conditions

Our pre-K fee structure is calculated weekly due to a state-funded / school district subsidy for 10 hours of the week, 35 weeks of the year. This program is referred to as the Pre-Approved Pre-K program (PPP). It requires a Vermont licensed teacher to run the program for those hours.

Our Pre-Approved Pre-K program runs:

Minimum enrollment accepted: 3 school days, 7:30am –3:30pm.

All children attending Pre-K for three, four and five days will be enrolled in this program for these fees to apply. Please be sure your child is able to attend on these days before applying to our program.

Important note

Enrollment of a child in a program at Maple Leaf Children's Center is a commitment to 42 weeks on the school calendar. We don't offer day to day enrollment options. Therefore we kindly request that families who no longer wish to be part of this commitment give 3 weeks' notice to allow other families to join Maple Leaf. Fees are still payable during holidays, snow days and in service days. Paying your fees guarantees your child a spot at our school.