Fun with fundraising

Hi Everyone,

It is with great joy that we bring you a really fun fundraiser for this time of year. It’s the season of giving and many of us are shopping for gifts for family and friends. We’ve organized some gift baskets and vouchers for you to bid on! Let the bidding wars begin and please have fun with it. I hope you really get into the spirit of it, but really there also is no obligation. Many items are listed well below their actual value and cannot wait to be claimed!

So far this year, we’ve only raised funds for ONE thing, and that is the Kindermusik program. I researched all our possibilities, but really nothing compares to Kindermusik and I have worked with their songs and music before! It’s really musical and magical! I just love them and I know the kids will love their approach and program. They are very developmentally focussed and their program is well researched to develop a set of lessons that will benefit the children’s musical understandings in a graded approach, but also their language and motor skills and development in general. So many goals in education can be achieved through music, especially in this age group. Rhythm, for example, is an essential skill in learning to count accurately: the foundation for addition and subtraction.

One of the biggest obstacles in presenting music lessons is sourcing the music, which can take many hours to look up and find the right piece for teaching what you want to teach. This program comes as a ready curriculum with instruments and will serve children at Maple Leaf for many years to come. I’m going to set it up as a “music trolley” that can be easily accessed.

Hope to see you get involved and share far and wide to people you know in the community.

Please hare this link on our facebook posts:

Thank you for all you do for the Center! We love teaching at Maple Leaf and the curriculum is growing so much through the efforts of teachers as well as parent input. Thanks also to the Parent Board for their work on this.

Retha, the Parent Board, and teachers at Maple Leaf.