Graduation ceremony

Congratulations to the fabulous five who are graduating from Maple Leaf Children’s Center this year. We are excited to hear all about your first year at school and follow your learning journeys as you start kindergarten in the fall.

Each family / pod will share a picnic blanket in the outdoors. For this reason, special family members who would like to come to the event are safe to attend. Siblings are also welcomed! Please bring a picnic basket with enough food for you all to enjoy an outside picnic dinner together. If you own a nice picnic blanket, please bring that too! The school has some, but not enough for everyone.

In order for us to prepare with enough chairs and drinks for the evening, please RSVP with the amount of people attending for your child. You can RSVP to Ms Retha’s cellphone or the school email! RSVP before or on the 3rd of June to comfirm how many will attend.

Arrangements for the time capsule: please write a letter to your child to add to the time capsule – don’t forget to bring it! Each child also prepares a picture of themselves with the help of their teacher the day before. We will have them ready on the evening!

If we rain out, we will reschedule for the 11th of June!

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