June Newsletter

Lifecubby (our friend)

Hi everyone, we’re in for a very busy time at Maple Leaf. I want to encourage you to really use Lifecubby when you need to reach out to a staff member or get an answer immediately. Emily is picking up some admin hours in the next few weeks to alleviate some of the pressure we will feel while I go on holiday in July. My last official day as director on premises will be 30 June. In my absence, please reach out to Emily about all things summer bills. I’m available on my cellphone as always, although I don’t really want to post it here on the website (due to spam calls), but there are enough parents who do have it saved in their phones for you to be able to reach me. You can also contact Megan Lavik for any questions and concerns.

New director

If you haven’t heard the amazing news yet, we’ve appointed Xandra Wishnefsky as the new director at Maple Leaf. Her first official day will be 15 August, but she very much would like to start supporting the school in whatever ways she can. You can write her first blog entry / letter to you >> HERE <<

Please reach out to her at xanwish@gmail.com

New and old members of staff

Welcome back to our old members of staff who will be helping out over the summer: Olivia Limlaw (our previous teacher assistant from last school year) who will help out every Monday and some other days in between, Kitt Langdell helping in July (our previous pre-K teacher and long term substitute) and Evann Orleck-Jetter (our previous toddler lead teacher) helping in August.

Audrey will be working 9:30-12:30 and 9:30-2:30 most days, depending on her arrangements for her children. Denise will work full days Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Summer schedules are so complicated this year, with Kate taking half days whenever possible due to her pregnancy. We’ll keep you updated on Lifecubby!

We also welcome Santana Merritt as a summer helper this year.

Dawn Stever, the director at Caring Communities will help out on the first of July to alleviate some of the sadness about me moving away.

A fond farewell

We will see each other in August, when I might be back to help with the baby room! We’re dreaming big for Maple Leaf. More details coming soon!

You can read my farewell letter >> HERE <<

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