May news and updates

The front door won’t open

We are aware that the front door is stuck. Unfortunately, we have to wait on the church to rehang it. They are aware, they’re just slow.

In the meantime, please use the pre-k outside door via the playground if you do not find us outside.

Arrival outside

Arrival is now outside again. On the rare occasion, a teacher may decide to manage arrival inside due to various constraints. As a rule though, you can expect to find us here at drop off and pick up.

Baby Pond

Emily has given birth to a healthy little boy. You can add your congratulations on the Lifecubby post or our Facebook post.

Summer and sun hats

Please arrive with your sunhat and sunscreen on in the mornings. A sunhat remains the best form of protection for sun in your face. 80% of skin damage over your entire life happens in these early years. This cannot be undone later. Please look after your children by supplying a sun hat for them! Let’s start this culture at Maple Leaf so our children can stay outside for longer! If everyone wears them, the children will soon learn as they did with masking.

Learning in the sensorial area

If you are interested in sponsoring a piece of equipment for this new area in the room, let me know how much your family would like to contribute and I will match you up to an appropriate material (starting at $10). The children are so ready for this work. I cannot wait to show them: foundational skills in science, accurate observation using all the senses, foundational skills in geometry and early math skills (also referred to as pre-Math), visual spatial understanding, the list goes on! Sponsoring materials in sensorial are optional and appreciated.

Waitlist applications Fall 2022

We are currently looking for a toddler who would like to attend Thursdays and Fridays in “Little Leaves”, starting either in summer or in fall. While we have full time candidates at the moment, there is only a 2-day spot available. For this reason, I have opened the waitlist again for Fall 2022.

Summer attendance

We’re all systems go for summer. If you have any last minute adjustments to your child’s schedule, let’s do it before next week as I have to finalize staffing and billing. Evann will be here for some of July to help out.

Lost your calendar? Download it here.

Welcome: Denise

Please remember to introduce yourselves and welcome her! She’s in love with the program and so happy to be here.

Fees for next school year (Fall 2022)

The parent board will be in contact with all the details soon. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to Nic Cook (our current treasurer) on his email address directly. We also welcome Megan Lavik as our new chair. Congratulations to you, Megan!

For personal reasons I might have to take leave just before the memorial day weekend commences. Communication and email responses might be slower than usual Friday 27 May to 1 June. Your patience is appreciated. It’s also a small adjustment for me without Emily here. As you may know, I had a great relationship with her and we made a magnificent team. It’s hard for me not to have her here. She was a big help to me.

I will be posting more information about our Graduation ceremony shortly. All children and their extended family who are starting kindergarten in the fall are invited!

That’s all for now, I hope! Speak soon …