Mission and core values

Our mission

Maple Leaf Children’s Center is committed to each child’s developmental process by engaging their minds and bodies to explore their world through play and outdoor nature-based experience.

Our philosophy

Here at Maple Leaf we see there is such great importance on learning by experience. Maple Leaf makes use of three teaching resources: our natural and physical world, social interactions, and everyday opportunities. Since our start in 1976, our center has encouraged children to grow through experience using skills they are developing, learning, and mastering. We create intentional, trusting relationships with children and families.

Our vision

Our vision is to strengthen children and create a nurturing community through interactive learning and family support.

Statement of goals

Our goals are to

  • provide a developmental stepping-stone and foster an environment for young children to express their individuality, independence, and creativity;
  • provide its employees with a descent living wage and a challenging, rewarding workplace;
  • provide the parents of the community with excellent childcare at a fair, affordable price;
  • create a facility that inspires involvement by and for others in the community; and to
  • create a fiscally responsible, profitable business that provides excellent job opportunity and services to the local community.