Our staff

First aid and CPR

A staff member trained in First Aid and CPR is always present.


Our school is run by a director and overseen by a Parent Board that assists in decision making and fundraising.

Four teachers collaboratively teach the two classrooms. We are proud of our team’s collective experience and qualifications. We learn from one another and continue to improve our service to parents and their children. 

We are grateful for our long term substitute teachers – previous members of staff like Kitt Landdell and Evann Orleck-Jetter who cannot stay away for long. When in Vermont, they substitute for us. 

Meet the Team

Holly Godfrey

Picture of Holly Godfrey


6+ years

  • B.S. in Education with a double minor in psychology and sociology 
  • Registered Behavior Technician Training 
  • CPI certified 
  • ACA Camp Director Certified

I want to:

Work on building a community within the new team and children at Maple Leaf!

Create and develop a loving safe place for children to learn and explore! 

Sheila Bedi



29 years

  • Associates degree in Early Child Education
  • Level 3b certificate
  • Director’s Credential
  • Special Services certificate
  • CPR First Aid certified
  • 20 years experience owning and operating a quality licensed children’s center for 25 students
  • Various trainings and certificates relating to child development, trauma, Special Education, staff management, and family resources.

I want:

  1. to develop relationships with the children to create a positive learning environment
  2. engage the students in learning and activities that meet their needs and interest. 

Robin Brown

Lead Pre-K Teacher
Picture of Robin Brown


30 years

  • BA in Elementary Education
  • CPR First Aid Certified
  • 14 years as Director of Thetford Afterschool Program

Working towards teacher licensure and applying for a level 2 certificate.

Carrie Hawkins

Assistant Pre-K Teacher
Picture of Carrie Hawkins


10 years

  • Level 3A Certificate
  • CPR First Aid Certified

To grow and learn from my co-workers and children in the classroom, and continue with my education.

Melinda Tse

Lead Toddler Teacher


19 years

  • College credits
  • Teaching abroad
  • English as a second language teacher
  • CPR First Aid Certified

Utilizing our materials, engaging children and inviting them to explore  our room and materials in a novel way.

Brittany Piper

Assistant Toddler Teacher


# years

Need Information

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